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Donna Salazar

How to Make An Upcycled Tray with Girlie Grunge Art Medium

Hello everyone! Donna Salazar here to share a photo tutorial for how I made this up-cycled rose gold cardboard tray using our Pigment Powders with our new Girlie Grunge Art Medium. This Art Medium can be used in so many ways! It can be used as a craft glue, to decoupage, to stiffen lace, material and paper, for image transfer, and when mixed with our Pigment Powders you can create paint, and glaze.
Upcycled Tray Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3LIn this blog post the Girlie Grunge Art Medium will be used to adhere several die cut pieces of cardboard together, it will be used to color the cardboard and it will be used to stiffen some lace.

First I die cut several pieces of cardboard using nesting dies. I used 3 of the same size for the base then used that size with the smaller and larger of the same die to cut 3 frames. I did this 4 times to create the layers of the tray.


I then adhered each layer together using the Girlie Grunge Art Medium full strength. For other techniques I water the medium down but for all steps on this project I used the Art Medium undiluted. I used a generous amount of Art Medium and I left bumpy brush marks to help with the texture later.


Once all the layers were adhered together I turned the tray over and made sure that there was full coverage of medium on the sides of the cardboard tray and while that was drying a little bit I blended equal amounts of Gold and Pink Pigment Powder in a small bowl.


I mixed the Pigment Powders together with a large dry fluffy paintbrush.

tray4 tray5

I then lightly burnished the blended Pigment Powders over the damp Art Medium with a paintbrush. When you brush the Pigment Powder over the damp Art Medium it gives you more of a metallic sheen than when mixed directly into the Art Medium.


I turned the tray over and painted the top of the tray with another layer of Art Medium.


I used the same dry fluffy paintbrush to lightly brush the blended Pigment Powder over the top of the tray.


You can leave the tray with bumpy brush marks or you can use a heat gun to make the medium bubble. Heat the entire tray then let it cool to the touch.


After the tray cools you can use a soft dry paintbrush to press all the bubbles down and give you a unique texture.


I painted Art Medium directly onto the edge then added a piece of lace from our Lace Ribbons pack and added more Art Medium to the lace so it was saturated but you could still see the lace detail.


I used a palette knife to press the Lace Ribbon securely into the tight spaces.


While the lace was still damp I used a dry fluffy brush to burnish the Gold Pigment Powder around the edge. Once the Lace Ribbon was dry it stiffened completely.


Product used:

Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

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