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Donna Salazar

Use A Bit Of Everything To Make A Denim Journal by Donna Salazar

Hello everyone! Donna Salazar here with a pretty detailed photo tutorial for you. I was  challenged to make a project using almost everything in my Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® product line.  Here is the Denim Art Journal that I created…

Use A Bit Of Everything To Make A Denim Journal by Donna Salazar

I like to lay everything out on my project first before I start to adhere stuff.


I knew the 3D Foam Swirls were going to be peeking out at the top so I just left that one there and used my finger to add the Pigment Powder Blue to the adhesive surface.


And… because my memory only lasts about 5 minutes and I would forget what I had where, I just flipped the whole design up and started to adhere the pieces with Girlie Grunge Art Medium. I added medium under each piece…


Then I added Girlie Grunge Art Medium over the top of the piece. This first piece is from Canvas Ribbons. I added Girlie Grunge Art Medium to the underside of the next piece as well,  then flipped it down and added more on top.


I continued doing the same, until I had all the little banner type pieces adhered.

The second pieces is from Pennant Set.


This is another piece of Canvas Ribbon.


This is from Texture Ribbons.


This piece is also from Canvas Ribbons.


I wanted to add a bit of shimmery color to the lace so I placed two pieces of Lace Ribbon on a non stick surface, painted them with Girlie Grunge Art Medium then used a fluffy brush to add Pigment Powder Pink. You get a lot more shimmer if you add the Pigment Powder this way rather than mixing directly into the Girlie Grunge Art Medium.



As the medium was still wet so it was super easy adding the Lace Ribbon pieces.


Since I had laid everything out first and even had the 3D Foam Swirls on the ribbons I was able to place them on top in almost one piece. The photo below is me painting a layer of Girlie Grunge Art Medium on the back of the Denim Ribbon and you can see the Girlie Grunge Twine and other bits poking out from behind.


The photo below is of me painting Girlie Grunge Art Medium on the back of 2nd ribbon in the Denim Ribbons.


I then lifted the top edge of the Denim Ribbon with stars and tucked the scallop edge Denim Ribbon underneath.


I removed the liner from the 2 remaining 3D Foam Swirls and added Pigment Powder Blue to those with my finger as well.


I then painted the underside of the loopy lace from Lace Ribbons and adhered it under the top edge of the Denim Ribbon with stars.


I then painted over the Girlie Grunge Twine that stretched across as well as a bow made from the same. The Girlie Grunge Twine that stretches across is long enough to wrap around to the inside (you’ll see this in a bit).


I added Pigment Powder in Gold, Silver & Brown to these 3D Foam Keys, brushed over with Girlie Grunge Art Medium then added a bit more to give them an antiqued look. I also added Pigment Powder to the back of the keys so there isn’t any exposed adhesive on these keys. I tied Girlie Grunge Twine to the tops and use these as free hanging embellishments.



I adhered the keys just under the Girlie Grunge Twine bow, tied a bow with the organza ribbon from Texture Ribbons, adhered the bow with Dodz Adhesive Dots XL then heated the organza so that it would ruffle. That is a unique quality of this organza… it is thick and when heated a bit with a heat gun it will ruffle. A lower quality organza will melt and dissolve.


I stretched the Girlie Grunge Twine across the inside of the journal cover, taped over it with Girlie Grunge Tissue Tape (Denim & Floral) then painted over that with Girlie Grunge Art Medium.


I added some of E-Z Stars  then used my finger to burnish Pigment Powder Gold into the adhesive.



I added tabs to the inside pages with Girlie Grunge Tissue Tape (Denim & Floral).


And here are a couple close ups. I used almost my entire collections except Girlie Grunge Tissue Tape (Oak & Ash), Pigment Powder Wine and Girlie Grunge Gauze.



Product used:
Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®:
Girlie Grunge Tissue Tape (Denim & Floral)
Girlie Grunge Twine; Girlie Grunge Art Medium
Pigment Powder Silver
Pigment Powder Brown
Pigment Powder Gold
Pigment Powder Pink
Pigment Powder Blue
Lace Ribbon
Texture Ribbon
Canvas Ribbon
Denim Ribbon
Pennant Set
E-Z Stars Refillable Dispenser
Dodz Adhesive Dots XL
Denim Art Journal
3D Foam Swirls
3D Foam Keys

Thanks for stopping by!!! Smooches ~D~

Donna Salazar Designs