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MyStik® Repositionable Dots Dispenser
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MyStik® Repositionable Dots Dispenser

Item no.: 01653

MyStik® Repositionable Dots Dispenser features adhesive strong enough to function as permanent, but can be removed with a swipe of the finger! Easily adhere, then lift and reposition items without damage to surfaces. No need to re-apply adhesives after repositioning. Works great on intricate die cuts and fancy cut edges, no exposed adhesives! ***While Supplies Last***

Easily slide refill cartridges in and out of the dispenser handle, mix and match with Permanent Strips or Repositionable Dots adhesives. No winding, threading or tangling when refilling.

  • 49ft of clear, repositionable adhesive dots
  • Use as a mask: Apply adhesive, cover with sprays, inks, paint, etc. Allow medium to dry, rub off adhesive with finger to expose masked areas.
  • Perfect for use with stencils!
  • No drying time, no mess!
  • Decorate and personalize the dispenser!
  • Adhesive dispenses from 3 different positions ensuring that MyStik® fits your comfort or purpose
  • Unique design folds to close to create a built-in adhesive protector unlike any other! When closed, the adhesive is protected from dust, perfect for travel.
  • Mix & Match any MyStik® Refill with all MyStik® Dispensers! The refills can even be switched mid-use, with no winding, threading or tangling!
  • Embellish to Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside
  • Unbreakable PET Liner
  • Suggested Retail Price $7.99

To refill: While gently holding the handle, line up arrows on handle and refill, slide refill out using channels. Position new refill at arrows and slide into handle. Fold to close and protect refill when not in use.


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