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Return Policy

Product returns can be made within 30 days of purchase under the following conditions:

  1. Product returned as a result of an order error must be in original resalable packaging.
  2. Defective or damaged merchandise must be accompanied by a written letter stating the reason for the return. Product will be tested upon receipt at the 3L facility. If product performs as promised, no credit will be issued and the original product will be returned to the retailer.
  3. Returns of incorrectly ordered product will incur a $10.00 transaction processing fee.
  4. A copy of the original order or invoice must accompany the return.
  5. Unless 3L sent an incorrect product, the customer bears the cost of returning the product to 3L.
  6. If the retailer sees any damage to the cartons, it should be noted on the receipt the driver has them sign.


Samples should only be provided to brick & mortar retailers for the purpose of:

  1. Gaining new product placement in their store or catalog.
  2. Support for a scheduled workshop (only for direct sell repeat customers). Store needs to provide an information sheet regarding the focus or theme of the workshop.


  1. Will be considered on large (in excess of $500) one-time orders.
  2. Must receive approval from Tom Vasko.
  3. Commission rate will be paid based on the profitability of the order.

Donation Requests

  1. Will be considered on a request by request basis from brick and mortar retailers only. Retailer must be a direct sell customer.
  2. 3L offers our Retailers exclusive Classroom Kits for workshops.These consist of bulk packaged product in one kit to be used in the workshops, and is not for resale. The kits are discounted from the normal products’ SRP.
  3. Requests for events such as cropping parties, fund raisers, and social clubs will not be considered.