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01259 E-Z Runner Grand Permanent Dots Refillable Dispenser, doubled sided adhesive
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E-Z Runner® Grand Permanent Dots Refillable Dispenser

Item no.: 01259

The E-Z Runner® Grand Permanent Dots Refillable Dispenser features the popular Permanent Dots in a clear E-Z Runner Dispenser.

It's light weight and easy to use. Drop in refill cartridges make refilling fast and easy. Refill cartridges can be switched mid-use, with no winding or threading. Use any Grand Refill in the Grand Dispenser.

Value price refills offer versatility and an array of adhesives for all craft projects, including scrapbooking, card making, and DIY projects. Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside and create your own custom embellishments using adhesives directly with Metallic Transfer Foil, glitter, embossing powder and more.

All Adhesive Refills feature an unbreakable PET liner for consistent, fast and smooth adhesive application. Dispensers and Refills are recyclable.

Product Features:

  • 140ft x 0.38in permanent adhesive dots
  • No set up or drying time
  • Easy to refill - no winding, threading or waste!
  • Dispenses fast and smooth
  • Easy to use in long lines, curves and circles
  • Great for short lines and detailed application too!
  • Unbreakable clear liner
  • Refills are recyclable
  • Archival Safe and Acid Free
  • Suggested Retail Price $21.99

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To Refill: Remove protective nose cap, press at bottom seam to open casing, lift used cartridge, position new refill cartridge, align casing and close case. Recycle the used refill cartridge.