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Double-Sided Tape Runner Refill Dots Permanent, 140ft, #02006
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Double-Sided Tape Runner Refill Dots Permanent

Item no.: 02006

The Double-Sided Tape Runner Refill Dots Permanent is a double-sided dot adhesive that forms a permanent bond. This drop-in refill cartridge is for use in the Double-Sided Tape Dispenser.

  • 0.3in x 140ft
  • Clear, permanent dots in a double-sided adhesive
  • Easy to refill drop-in cartridge for the Double-Sided Tape Runner
  • Initially removable with the swipe of a finger
  • Creates a permanent bond within a few minutes
  • Strong enough for heavier papers and embellishments
  • No liners to remove or tape to cut
  • Dispenses fast and smooth
  • Easy to use in long lines, curves and circles
  • Great for short lines and detailed applications
  • Unbreakable clear liner
  • Recyclable cartridges
  • Acid Free, Archival Safe
  • Suggested Retail Price $11.55


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