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E-Z Runner® Hearts Refill
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E-Z Runner® Hearts Refill

Item no.: 01242

Our E-Z Runner® Hearts Refillable Dispensers are ergonomically designed to be easy to use and easy to refill. Drop-in refill cartridges can be switched mid-use, with no winding or threading. Mix and match any Refill with any Dispenser.

This E-Z Runner® Hearts Refill fits into the E-Z Runner® Stars Refillable dispenser and all of the E-Z Runner® Refillable dispensers.

Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside and create your own custom embellishments using adhesives directly with Metallic Transfer Foil, glitter, pigment powder, and more.

  • 650 Hearts of 0.30in permanent, white double-sided shaped adhesives
  • Great for photos, paper, and embellishments
  • Apply one at a time, or several in a row
  • Environmentally friendly with recyclable refill cartridges.
  • Embellish to Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside
  • Suggested Retail Price $4.59

To refill:

Remove clear protective cap, separate casing by pushing thumbs into tab at bottom. Lift off the top, remove old refill, position new refill, then align casing and gently push closed. Replace clear protective cap when not in use.


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