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Keepsake Envelopes Mix of 10 assorted sizes
  • 01662
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Keepsake Envelopes Mix

Item no.: 01662

Keepsake Envelopes Mix (10 pcs.)

Whether it be a lock of hair, a ticket stub or special coins, our Keepsake Envelopes will ensure safe keeping for years to come.

Perfect for storing keepsakes to cards and scrapbooks. 
Re-sealable flap for continuous use. Permanent 
self-adhesive back. Can be decorated with acrylic paint and much more.

  • 4 small -  2x2in/5,2x5cm
  • 3 medium - 5x2.13in/11x5,5cm
  • 2 large - 4.13x3.5in/10,5x9cm
  • 1 jumbo - 5x4.61in/12,7x11,7cm
  • Re-sealable flap
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Suggested Retail Price $2.99


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