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01224 3D Foam Holiday Embellishment Kit with Foil
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3D Foam Holiday Embellishment Kit with Foil

Item no.: 01224

Create custom embellishments with the 3D Foam Holiday Embellishment Kit. Themed for Winter, includes 3D Foam pre-cut shapes of Trees, Stars, Snowflakes, and Christmas with 5 sheets of Metallic Transfer Foil. These 3D Foam Shapes are high-density foam with adhesive on both sides. Remove the top liner to embellish.

No machine needed to use Metallic Transfer Foil! Add Foil to adhesive surface. Touch the foil, with colored side facing up, to the adhesive, gently rub and remove the sheet. Repeat as needed. Foil colors include Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green.

Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside, and embellish foam with other media such as Pigment Powder, glitter, flock, and even embossing powder.

Strong permanent adhesive on both sides of the foam creates a lasting bond and dimension you can't get anywhere else.

Product Features:

• 0.08in / 1mm (1/32") thick double-sided adhesive foam
• 4 sheets of white foam with die cut shapes: Trees, Stars, Snowflakes, Christmas
• 5 sheets of transfer foil: Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green
• These foils cannot be used in Hot Foil Plate Systems.
• Easy to use
• Archival Safe

Suggested Retail Price $6.29


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