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Double-Sided Tape Runner Petite - Permanent Dots Adhesive 01976
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Double-Sided Tape Runner Petite Dots Permanent

Item no.: 01976

The Double-Sided Tape Runner Petite Dots Permanent is a high value adhesive in a small size. It’s ergonomical and petite shape are easy to hold with ridges and dimples for finger placement. Drop in refill cartridges allow for 1-step refilling with no winding or threading.

Refills feature an unbreakable liner for consistent, fast and smooth adhesive application. Permanent Dots are initially removable with the swipe of a finger before they turn permanent. Non-stringy and dry application allow for a quick and clean project.

The Double-Sided Tape Runner Petite Dots Permanent and its Refills are value priced and perfect for travel, scrapbooks, and cards. Keep them handy at home, school, office and in your planner bag.

Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside and create your own custom embellishments using adhesives directly with Metallic Transfer Foil, glitter, embossing powder and more.

The clear liners are unbreakable, and all Dispensers and Refills are recyclable.

Product Features

  • 26ft x 0.3in of translucent permanent adhesive dots
  • Compact lightweight dispenser measures 3.5in x 1.8in
  • Ergonomical shape
  • See through case
  • Built-in Adhesive Protector
  • Easy to Refill
  • Precise application for intricate cuts, curves, and lines
  • Initially removable with the swipe of a finger, then creates a permanent bond
  • No drying time
  • Great for planners, home, school & office projects
  • Embellish to Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside
  • Archival Save, Acid-Free and Lignin-Free
  • Suggested Retail Price $2.99

Refill with Double-Sided Tape Runner Refill Petite Dots Permanent

To refill: Remove label from refill. Press the button at the top to open the casing at the hinge. Lift the refill to remove. Position new refill. Close the casing. Recycle the refill.


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