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This tutorial will show you how to "Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside" and use glitter.

Here’s a step by step of photos of how to create glittered stars, but you can use this technique on any of our adhesives. There are only a few supplies you need:





1.  Remove a star shape from the foam sheet; leave the top liner paper intact. Position the star onto paper.

2.  Peel off the top liner paper to reveal adhesive.







3.  Add glitter, don't worry,  it will stick to the adhesive.







4. Rub or ‘burnish’ the glitter onto the adhesive shape with your finger.






5.  Tap off, or use a small brush to remove excess glitter.







6. you can use a glitter tray to catch the mess!







7.  If you want to create an embellishment directly on e.g. a card you can leave. If you want to take your newly created embellishment to a different project, then trim with scissors around the outside edge of the shape.

Tip: Use coordinating colors of paper and glitter to match with your project!