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About Stephanie Schütze

Stephanie SchützeStephanie Schütze lives in the Kanton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. She’s married to the best man ever, and they have two beautiful little girls. Since putting her career as a psychologist in the usability field when her second daughter was born, she’s been able to take more time to be creative. What just began as a hobby has developed into a passion. She recently launched her first six stamp collections for a Swiss stamp company, with more coming! “I love to draw and if some of my drawings were made into stamps, which can delight other scrapbooking fans, card maker or mixed media artists then that would be the greatest thing for me.”
Stephanie is a scrapbooker with a great touch of mixed media and an art journaler with a passion to draw. “I still like to take memorable photos, place it in scene and added it to an album but more and more I am doing more artistic projects on canvas without photos or only with drawings. It’s just another way to put my innermost outwards and to be more creative.” Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening and plenty of chocolate fuel her creativity! While she usually creates by herself - she’s usually pressed for time – Stephanie enjoys connecting with other paper and paint addicted people on social media.
Stephanie has been published and designed for several teams, and enjoys teaching too!
When asked about her favorite adhesive, she said “The products from Adhesives are unique and of high quality. It is not only simple adhesive products, but their diversity inspires me and lets me again make different kinds of projects. I'm super happy with them and do not want to miss. The team of Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® is like a big family and consists of very talented sweet girls. I am very grateful to be on this team.” (and we’re so grateful to have her!)
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