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About Kelly Klapstein

Kelly KlapsteinKelly Klapstein lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the northernmost capital city in North America! Although she complains about the long, cold winters, she enjoys working on craft projects and scrapbooking in her cozy studio.
Kelly feels blessed to be the daughter of a scrapbooker. “Ever since I was a child, my mother encouraged me to save keepsakes and photos in albums, and this sentimentality has grown into my love of scrapbooking today. Keeping it real and journaling about heartfelt issues are important to me, and I would like my scrapbooks to let future generations peek inside my life journey. Often my layouts tell stories about my family history, since so many heritage photographs have been handed down to me.” Her three teenagers are the subject of numerous scrapbook pages. She and husband Elmar, stay hopping with their three teenaged kids’ busy social lives and sports!
Kelly describes her crafting style as eclectic. “I love to design with a variety of themes, from vintage to cute to graphic, with some mixed media thrown in! Finding inspiration from nature, colours and my photos, I enjoy developing creative techniques and organic design elements that are original and intriguing.” She loves to spend time exploring crafting in artistic mediums, playing with paper and imagining unique designs.
She currently writes regular feature articles and designs for a scrapbooking magazine. Along with writing, Kelly is passionate about teaching. A former high school English teacher, she is happiest in a classroom, crafting together and having a few laughs. “I always enjoy teaching in my local scrapbook stores as well as larger scrapbooking events. Not only do I share my ideas on my blog and in the classroom, I also make video tutorials. ‘Paper and paste are good for the soul’" is her crafting motto! Be sure to visit Kelly Creates, Kelly's blog.