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About Liz Ketter

Liz KetterHi! My name is Liz Ketter, aka worktoscrap, and I hail from the LoneStar State (Texas) in the USA! I am an avid crafter and started at an early age crocheting and doing needlepoint with my Mom many years ago.

My crafting passion has covered a wide range of projects including sewing my own clothes, DIY home decor, furniture upholstering, scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc. I have created multiple costumes for my kids on the fly when they were in high school - you never knew when someone would need to go to class in a toga or as a historical figure!

Today my focus is on paper crafting and mixed media and I am mostly creating memory art for future generations. I like to add a bit of humor in my scrapbook layouts and lately I am all about fun Instagram stories! Please check out my Instagram page at worktoscrap.