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Judy Hayes

Americana Star Banner Tutorial

Hello!  Judy here with you today! Are you ready to for the 4th of July?  Why not put together an easy Americana Stars Banner to add a touch of red, white and blue to your home décor to help celebrate?

Americana Star Banner

I’ve used Donna Salazar’s Pennant Set as the base of each pennant with Denim Ribbons and red, white and blue fabrics.


I cut a 2½ x 5ʺ rectangle from stripe fabric (about same width as pennant) and a triangle that is 4¾ʺ across top and 4¼ʺ along sides towards the point.  I die cut 3 sizes of stars from worn denim, dot/navy fabric and canvas.  I’m using the back side of the denim and dot fabric as I liked the color better!


The rectangle of stripe fabric forms a casing at the top.  I’ve fastened it to the canvas pennant with Girlie Grunge Art Medium by lapping and gluing it to the stitching line.  I folded it to the back and glued it there. Art Medium works beautifully to glue fabrics together.  The trick is to use enough yet not saturate the fabrics!  I used a thick line for the casing.  On the rest of the pennant I used a light application and left edges loose.


Next I  adhered the triangle piece to the pennant.


I cut a piece of stars Denim Ribbon and fastened it in place with Girlie Grunge Art Medium. I trimmed the ends even with pennant.


Using Girlie Grunge Art Medium, I fastened the stars together and glued them to pennant.


I fastened a 3D Foam Star to center of red button.  I was able to hide the holes with careful placement of the star. I used a second star on top to build it up a bit as my button had a concave center. I removed the paper and dusted the star with powder so it wasn’t sticky.


I used a Dodz Adhesive Dot Medium on back of button and fastened it to the pennant.


I repeated these steps to make 2 more pennants.  I used a very large eye needle to thread heavy twine through the casings to create the banner.  I tied a loop at each end of the twine.  I tied pieces of torn striped fabric around twine between the pennants.  I tied bows of dark blue and white Girlie Grunge Twine around tiny clothespins.  These I clipped to top of each pennant.

I had so much fun putting this banner together that I decided to make a 4th pennant.


I followed the same steps above to make it.  I used a small wood dowel in the casing.  I wrapped wire around one end, formed a hanging loop and wrapped the wire around the other end of the dowel.  I tied a bow of several strands of twine around the wire and tied a piece of torn fabric, too.   This is even quicker than the banner and so cute!
Love Stars and Red, White and Blue!

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Happy 4th of July!!!