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Stephanie Schütze

Card Embellishment with 3D Foam Creative Sheets

Hi there! It’s Stephanie here with a Hello card using 3D Foam Creative Sheets to create a stunning embellishment as a focal accent. You can use it on a card or other types of projects. Let me show you how…

Card Embellishment with 3D Foam Creative Sheets by Stephanie Schutze

In a few steps, you too can create this embellishment by working with 3D Foam Creative Sheets.

Step Outs for Card Embellishment with 3D Foam Creative Sheets by Stephanie Schutze

Create the Embellishment:

  1. Die cut a doily shape with white 3D Foam Creative Sheets.
  2. Gold and silver embossing powders were my color choices to heat emboss.
  3. Apply silver powder in the middle and then use gold powder for the outer area.
  4. Then heat emboss it for a beautiful effect.

  1. My base was a coaster. Paint with a combination of light blue, turquoise and darker blue colors.
  2. With brown acrylic paint, distress the edges.
  3. Make sure the middle is lighter and the edges are darker in color.
  4. Remove the liner from the doily and adhere it onto the card.

For the finishing touch, add little stickers to accent the card. This embellished card will accompany a small gift. I hope they like it!

This one of many possibilities you can create with 3D Foam Creative Sheets. Try an embellishment of your own, it’s so much fun.

Thank you for visiting us today!
Stephanie 🙂

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