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Vicki Chrisman

How to Make Pretty Crepe Paper Flowers

Hello everyone! I’m going to show you how easy it is to create pretty crepe paper flowers using adhesives by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®.

Crepe Paper Flowers by Vicki Chrisman for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

In my photos I’m using the E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips but you could also use E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Refillable, E-Z Runner® Grand, Premium Double-Sided Tape 1/4″ or  Crafty Power Tape!

The great thing about making these is that you can cut your crepe paper strips in whatever length you are comfortable working with, because you can just add from there without being able to notice a beginning and ending spot on your flower.

Make the Flowers

The dowel is just a simple dowel from the craft shore and you can cut it to whatever length you want our flower to be.  (actually wood bbq skewers work well also)

The process is so simple, just run your adhesive along one edge of the length of crepe you decided to work with.

Now, you start wrapping the crepe paper around the dowel, be sure to gather some as you go.

Pinch and gather as you go to form the flower.  Watch as you wrap and you can see if you need to gather more 🙂

Simple as that… you have a fun flower to add to a project or to add to a vase of others to make a bouquet.  ( if you want to add it to a project and don’t need it to have a stem, just use a wire cutter to cut it off, leaving just enough to hold your flower together)

Have fun creating flowers!

Thanks for stopping by!

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