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Beth Pingry - admin

A trip to Milano

I’m doing Project Life this year and loving it.

This is a page for my PL album that I did as an insert about a resent trip to Milano/Italy with my oldest daughter.

It was cold and snowing a little bit, but Oh so beautiful 🙂

I like to print my text for my album when I have a lot to say in a very little place !

And this is how I do it:

I type my text on the computer and print it on regular white copy paper.

Then I use my Green Repositionable E-Z Runner that I can now get in a new design with refills – how cool is that !

I place my cardstock, labels etc on top of my printed text on the paper and then I run it through the printer once again.

If you look closely on the PL page at the top, You’ll see that I used it twice and it allowed me to add much more text than if I had used my handwriting.

And everybody can read it……

Have fun creating today.