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Latisha Yoast

Library Card Gift Card Holder

Hello there, Latisha here with you today with a fun way to transform your stash of library card/pocket journaling cards, into a way to give a gift card or money!

Library Card Gift Card Holder by Latisha Yoast for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

Most library cards that come from a Scrapbook company, usually will have a nice pretty pattern to the front of the pocket holder.  If not, you can always add pattern paper or stamp onto the holder to decorate it a bit.  The card I am using today, came in a beautiful blue pattern, so it made for a great base to start with.

If you want to make something similar, like a photo pocket of sorts.  Here is a tutorial I did on how to create your own pocket with just pattern paper and adhesive.

1.  First I trimmed some pattern paper to the side I wanted, and adhered it to the front of my library card using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L E-Z Dots Permanent Refillable runner.



2.  Using black ink, stamp a Happy Birthday sentiment onto the top of the library card insert.


3.  Using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L E-Z Dots Permanent Refillable runner again, adhere the paper doily onto the front, then trimming off the excess.  Adhere the pink striped pattern paper down as well.


4.  Using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L 3D Foam Squares (small, white), adhere the flair down.  Not only will this adhere your flair down, but give the projects some needed depth.


5.  For a little more contrast and depth, not to mention more pretty.  I added some pink buttons using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Dodz small.  These are super strong, and will keep these buttons down permanently.


Now your project is ready to write a sweet message, and there is room for a gift card or money.  You can either put this in an envelope, attach it to a bottle of wine using ribbon, place it in a bouquet of flowers.  Really the sky is the limit on how to present this gift!

Materials Used: