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Stephanie Schütze

Four Ways To Decorate Your 3D Foam Shapes

Hi there, it’s Stephanie here today. I am showing you four favorite ways to decorate our 3D Foam Shapes. I will use 3D Foam Hearts to demonstrate the use of foil, embossing powder, glitter and gilding flakes.


Let’s get started…
Glitter: Spread the glitter over the heart and press. Remove excess.
Flakes: Take the flakes and press them down onto the 3D Foam Heart. Remove excess.
Heat Embossing: Sprinkle embossing powder (I used gold – so pretty!) over the heart, remove excess and heat it directly. Did you know our foam is heat resistant?
Foil: Apply foil sheet over the heart and peel off. (I used our red foil – coming soon!)


View How to Use 3D Foam Hearts and Other Shapes video below…

With different square cards, I adhered vintage and text paper with Art Medium. Then I added just my embellished 3D Foam Hearts…that’s all it needs.

Stephanie_cards_3 Stephanie_cards_4 Stephanie_cards_5 Stephanie_cards_6

I love the vintage look. Those little panels are perfect for greetings, accents or anything else for your next project.

Supplies from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®
3D Foam Hearts
Art Medium
3D Foam Holiday Embellishment Kit with Foil

Have a great day!

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