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See our 2021 New Products!

We are pleased to introduce the 2021 new products that have been requested by customers and retailers alike! Scroll down to see our line up of new products.

2021 New Products in E-Z Runner Refillable Dispensers

In our E-Z Runner® Refillable family and in shaped adhesives are the E-Z Runner® Stars and E-Z Runner® Hearts! Both feature 650 shapes in white permanent, double-sided adhesive stars, and hearts. They are acid-free and archival safe for all of your projects.

2021 New Products: 01239 E-Z Runner Stars
2021 New Products: 01241 E-Z Runner Hearts

Introducing 3D Foam Squares in Micro Size

Joining our 3D Foam Family are 3D Foam Squares Micro in black and white. They are 1/8-inch tiny squares with a total of 2,508 pieces. Not only will they work great as a foam adhesive to lift between layers such as those intricate designs. Great for embellishments when you Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside with our Metallic Transfer Foil Sheets, glitter, embossing powder, and more.

2021 New Products: 01403 3D Foam Micro Squares Black
2021 New Products: 01404 3D Foam Micro Squares White

New 3D Foam Shapes

Next, we are introducing 3D Foam Circle Frames, in both White and Black! Each package contains nested rings in graduating sizes with the largest being 3.75-inches for a total of 26 3D Foam Circle Frames. Not only can they “pop up” layers but create shaker features as well as make wonderful embellishments!

2021 New Products: 01405 3D Foam Circle Frames
2021 New Products: 01406 3D Foam Circle Frames Black

Adding 3D Foam Strips in Black

We introduced 3D Foam Strips in White last year so it was a natural move to bring in the 3D Foam Strips in Black!

2021 New Products: 01408 3D Foam Strips Black

What’s New in Crafty Foam Tape

Due to popular demand with last year’s introduction of the Crafty Foam Tape 108ft in White, we’ve added Crafty Foam Tape 108ft in Black. Both have a thickness of 1mm (think Thin 3D Foam Squares). Perfect for a subtle pop in layers!

2021 New Products: 02101 Crafty Foam Tape 108ft Black (1mm)

Not to be outdone by the Crafty Foam Tape 108ft duo, we are excited to introduce the Crafty Foam Tape 54ft in Black and in White. Both have a thickness of 2mm.

2021 New Products: 02102 Crafty Foam Tape 54ft Black (2mm)
2021 New Products: 02103 Crafty Foam Tape 54ft White (2mm)

About our 3D Foam Products

Our 3D Foam products feature a crush-proof high-density foam that easily releases from the bottom liner. The top liners are easy to peel off when you’re ready to use them. They are double-sided adhesive with edge-to-edge permanent adhesive. In addition, they are acid-free and archival safe for all of your projects.

Crafty Power Tape in Polybag

The popular Crafty Power Tape now comes in a polybag! It is more convenient and a perfect addition to your card making kit. This tear tape has 81ft and will last you a long time!

2021 New Product: 01407 Crafty Power Tape in Polybag (81ft)

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L 2021 New Products Video

Design Team Coordinator Margie Higuchi shows the new products in a short video.

These 2021 new products are shipping to stores, be sure to ask for these at your favorite retailer or SHOP HERE!

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Line Up of the 2021 New Product from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

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