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Birthday Boy Letterboard

Hello! It’s Ivy Pe coming back with a certain young man’s birthday celebration idea. It is a Birthday Boy Letterboard that I embellished with all things sparkly and fun!

Birthday Boy Letterboard Banner

I’m using the fishtail banner shape from 3D Foam Pennants set as a guide to hand-cut a slightly larger two-sided banner with patterned paper. I cut eight banners in total.

On the front side of the banner, place a 3D Foam fishtail banner shape. Do this on all eight banner fronts. Take off the top liner, place the blue color of the Metallic Transfer Foils Variety Colors set COLOR side UP and rub with your fingertip to transfer the foil to the banner. Repeat this step seven more times.

Add a foiled letter sticker on top to spell “birthday.” Sandwich each banner on a twine thread and secure each with an Adhesive Dots Large.

How do you add the banner to the letterboard? I used letters and shapes from my letterboard pegs – just pick the ones you don’t use much. Place an Adhesive Dots Large on the back of the peg and then add on the back of your banner ends.

More Birthday Boy Letterboard Parts

I assembled the cake and candle pieces from the 3D Foam Party Shapes set. After adhering them to the patterned paper, I cut them out to form one shape. Take off the top liner, place the turquoise and blue colors in the Metallic Transfer Foils Variety Colors set COLOR side UP and rub with the fingertip to transfer the foil.

To make the star elements, layer a smaller star shape from the 3D Foam Party Shapes on top of a larger star that I die-cut from felt. Repeat the same foiling steps.

Embellish and add the letter pegs on the backs with an Adhesive Dots Large. They’re ready for the letterboard. Just add pictures and done!

Do you have a letterboard? Dress up and personalize it with these ideas! Show me what you made with a link in the comments below! Happy Crafting!

Creative Time: 30 minutes
Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®
Adhesive Dots Large
3D Foam Pennants
3D Foam Party Shapes
Metallic Transfer Foils Variety Colors

Framed Letterboard and Letter/Shape Pegs; Patterned Papers; Star Punch; Twine; Felt

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