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Christine Emberson

Easy Planning with Self-Laminating Pouches and Tissue Tape

Hi everyone, Christine here today.  One of my 2017 resolutions is to keep a planner using the Self-Laminating Pouches as part of my “plan.” The planner market in the US is huge but it has taken a while for it to hit our shores. Mine will be a special place to store keepsakes, quotes and photos (a portable scrapbook!), so it had me thinking – the Self-Laminating Pouches, so ideal!


I selected a photo that goes well with my quote. I placed the quote to the back of photo using E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Refillable.  NOTE: dispenser is refillable to match ANY of the other E-Z Runner adhesive refills  – they are all interchangeable. LOVE!


Then I inserted the photo into a Self- Laminating Pouch, Medium.  Full instructions are on each pouch (SO quick and easy to use). But here’s video on how to use them…

Next I aligned my photo to the right so it leaves the perfect amount of space to hole punch to fit into my planner.


I then realised the Self-Laminating Pouch Wallet size would work too.  Resized my quote to print and popped that inside a pouch. Placed into my planner with E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Refillable.


Another way to decorate a planner is to use tissue tape like  Tissue Tape – Denim and Flower for a beautiful accent.


I can see that I’m going to be using a lot of Self-Laminating Pouches and Tissue Tape in my planner.  Thank you for joining me today and please remember to check out the brilliant products listed below with their links.Christine

Products used:
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®:
E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Refillable
Home Hobby
Self-Laminating Pouch, Medium
Self-Laminating Pouch, Wallet

Tissue Tape – Denim and Flower




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