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Stephanie Schütze

Valentine’s Day Card of a Different Kind

Hi there, it’s Stephanie here today and I want to show you a Valentine Card of a different kind I made.


Here is how I created this special card.


1. I used a watercolor paper and the pigment powder in Blue,  Brown,  Gold.

I used the Pigment Powders dissolved in water and rubbed with a brush. I also used Gesso between.

2. These are the three different colors on my background.

3. I cut out a long version of a card and a background a bit bigger than the layer.

4. I adhered these two pieces with the E-Z Dots® Permanent.

5. For the next step I put together an idea and gathered all the needed material. I wanted to create a scene with a photo and a ladder, and a heart which can be reached. The ladder is hand made out of wire.

6.I used a photo of my daughter and cut off the background of it. The silhouette is then adhered with 3D Foam Squares  White Mix over the ladder so that the ladder does not need to be glued.

7. The heart was cut out of a 3D Foam Creative Sheetss using the a heart die and then covered with silver foil.

8. My title I printed with a inkjet printer and glued it on a carton with the E-Z Dots Permanent after cutting it to the correct size.

9. For the finishing touches I used a black pen to draw some grass, a frame and two birds.

Valentinskarte_detail2 Valentinskarte_detail1


It was a fun project and I enjoyed every minute on it.

Thanks for visiting us today!

Have a nice day!

Stephanie 🙂


Supplies from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Other supplies:

  • White Gesso
  • Die Cut machine
  • Heart Die
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Black Pen
  • Wire
  • Pigment Powder Blue,
  • Pigment Powder Brown
  • Pigment Powder Gold