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Top Father’s Day Card and Craft Ideas!

We’ve collected some of our favorite Father’s Day craft ideas right here on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® Blog! Our talented designers have provided you with inspiration and some tutorials to create something masculine for DAD that he’ll love!

Dad Card with Foil by Christine Meyer

Gold Foil Father’s Day Card by Christine Meyer


Father's Day Flip Book by Dana Tatar

Photo Flip Book for Dad by Dana Tatar

Father's Day Gift Pillow Box by AJ Otto

Dad Pillow Gift Box by AJ Otto


Father's Day Gift Bag by Latisha Yoast

Father’s Day Gift Bag by Latisha Yoast


Father's Day card by Michele Kovack

Creating Plaid Backgrounds by Michele Kovack


Embellished Fathers Day Metal Letter Home Decor by Margie Higuchi

How to Embellish a Father’s Day Home Decor Gift by Margie Higuchi


Happy Father’s Day!

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