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Stephanie Schütze

Memory Keeping with Traveller’s Notebook and Keepsake Envelopes

Hi there, it’s Stephanie today. Because I have so many photos and memories of our summer, I started a Traveller’s Notebook called “Favorite Moments” about a month ago. So now it’s time to fill it up!

Traveller's Notebook by Stephanie Schutze

Starting the Notebook

We had a wonderful time at the Baltic Sea and my girls and I collected stones, sea glass and shells. Therefore, Keepsake Envelopes are perfect to store these treasures.

After scrapping the pages with photos, sticker and notes, I filled up the little Keepsake Envelope with our treasures. With a self-adhesive back, they are quick and easy to add.

The Keepsake Envelopes Mix comes with 10 envelopes in a variety of different sizes. So they’re perfect for all the important things that need protection.

Thank you for visiting me today!
Stephanie 🙂

Supplies from  Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®:


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